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Sample Essay Writing For Placement Test

1. What is the main idea of this reading passage? a. A man named Ted Serios met a psychiatrist named Julie Eisenbud. b. A man was able to create photographic images by looking into a camera. c. Ted Serios was examined very carefully by scientists. d. Electromagnetic radiation can create images on film. 2.

  • Placement Testing Sample Questions. It is important to practice sample test questions for reading comprehension, arithmetic,. Writing Sample. You will be required to write a 300- to 600-word essay. You will be given a topic..

  • Writing Sample A writing prompt will be used to determine English (writing) placement. The English Placement Test will have a prompt, space for planning the essay, and space for writing the essay. A blue or black pen is required to use for writing the essay. You need to make the essay legible. You will have 35 minutes to complete the essay.

  • Avoid writing every sentence with a subject followed by a verb and its direct object. Instead of writing, “The professor was impatient with the class and decided to give it a test,” try a variation such as “Impatient with his class, the professor decided it was time for a test.” Save at least 5 minutes before time is up to proofread your essay.